To hold infinity in the palm of your hand

...and eternity in an hour

2 February
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I was born in a beautiful land full of trees and flowers and music that floated in the air. It's changed now, and parts of it have been spoiled, but I keep looking for the beauty. The painter who can capture the sunset. The musician who can make the trees dance. The writer who can create a new world. They're there, and I'll find them. Inspire them to be all they can be. Love them.

It never lasts. They never last. They burn so brightly, these frail mortals, but while they are here, Danu, I shall help them find their own sort of immortality.

"Alainn" is Gaelic for "beautiful," while "aislinn" (pronounced ASH-ling) means "dream" or "inspiration." It seemed a fitting journal name and name for the lovely lady.

Leanan Sídhe
Manx: Lhiannon-Shee
Ir.: "fairy sweetheart" or "fairy mistress"

"Leanan Sidhe is a powerful muse who bestows a gift; the ability to create a work of art, music, or poetry with great depth of feeling. The price of her dark and delicate gift is often a sorrow or heartbreak that is born of obsession. An artist may be spent as furiously as he draws from his source, hence the mythos of the artist who when possessed of the Leanan Sidhe lives a brilliant but brief life. Her true purpose is revealed in the creative works she inspires in poets, painters, and musicians. She is an empath who is compelled to inspire love and despair, longing and desire. She teaches the beauty and power of such emotion and that all such feeling is vital to creation with many dark nights of the soul required to convey the sorrow of her history.

She is intelligence and creativity, art and magic. In this earthly realm, so embraced with fear of the erotic and the sensual, it is no wonder she who is the embodiment of these very qualities, has been considered dangerous and evil, as many woman have been considered evil who revel in their mystery, power and dark exotic beauty." From The Dark Muse.

"The name translates to “fairy, love of my soul”. A vampiric spirit and a dark muse, the love of the Leanan Sidhe is both a gift and a curse. These eerily beautiful Irish spirits drain the sanity and lifeforce of the men they inspire to artistic greatness. Her kiss infuses a man with depth of vision and feeling, otherworldly passion, and a sudden and ineffable understanding of the unending sadness that plagues mankind." From here.

"Known as exotic and mysterious beauties, these fey creatures bring inspiration and despair. If a mortal misuses their gifts, they become dark destroyers. Leanan sidhe are the muses of the faerie world, bringing gifts of creativity and inspiration to mortal humans. These beautiful creatures appear as either male or female, but they have a charisma that attracts beyond the power of beauty alone. They seem alive and vibrant, more so even than most other faerie creatures. Only faerie folk can see their natural forms, which are quite beautiful. However, leanan sidhe can appear to mortals in various guises -- they tailor their appearance to best suit their chosen protógé."
From here.

This is a journal for writing, character development purposes, prompt writing in theatrical_muse and libraryofwinds, and possibly RP. Aislinn is an original character, owned by me, and her ficlets are all copyright protected by me.

This is not the journal of a real person. Keira Knightly is the face of the character. I am not her, nor is she in any way affiliated with this character or journal. Writer may be found at ladyofbrileith.

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RP Notes:

In theatrical_muse: Aislinn is currently Lord Byron's (the_corsair) muse, and traveling with the Tenth Doctor (rude_not_ginger) as his girlfriend/lover/whatever word they decide to use. Prompts, however, will be written, mostly, from her novel canon which is a bit darker. Her RP persona here, who's faced her own sort of demons (200 years with Byron will do that to anyone) is still softer, more hopeful, more like she is in her first novel, than when she makes appearances in later works. Aislinn's prompts in libraryofwinds will almost all be from this RP persona.

In realmof_themuse: Here, she is separated from Byron and unaware that he's still alive/or his Immortality changed her ability to work with him--still to be determined why they're separated, but they are. *g* With no Immortal poet to keep her from needing mortal ones to survive as in TM, she's killed more artists, seen more darkness, lost more of herself, so she is a lot darker here than in TM. She has struck up an unlikely friendship, however, with Madame du Pompadour (ambitious_woman) which could prove to be most interesting. TBC

In our_magic_place: Still to be determined where she is playing from, but prompts will be directly from her canon.